About Pursat

The civil war was still ongoing when HOPE International Development Agency first became involved in Pursat, Cambodia in 1991. Back then, Pursat, in Western Cambodia, was one of the poorest provinces in one of the world’s poorest countries. While the need for our work there is still great, substantial changes have taken place, and it is estimated that HOPE’s work has lifted over 15,000 people out of poverty.

Clean Water and Sanitation
A large part of HOPE’s focus in Pursat has been on the provision of clean water and sanitation. Families assist with installation of the wells and undergo maintenance training, so that they can take full ownership of their wells upon completion. These wells and the training, compost latrines and home gardens offered in conjunction, have enabled all these families to be in better health, increase farming productivity, generate more income and send their children to school.
Over 500 wells installed and 15,000 people lifted out of poverty
Micro-Credit Programs

Our micro-credit program, in which participants are given loans towards investments that will help them increase their income, has also been very successful. Over the years, loans have been issued to more than 1,000 families with zero defaults, and women have gone on to start small enterprises that have benefitted not only their families, but also their communities. Our animal bank, through which families can obtain their own cows or water buffaloes, has also helped farmers increase their crop yields and derive sustainable income through agriculture.

Education and Community Focus 
We work in education for youth in the province by constructing safe and durable school buildings. We are looking to expand our school gardening and lunch program, to better support teachers and undernourished children.
All of our programs in Pursat work in conjunction with each other – where we offer clean water and sanitation, we also offer micro-credit and school support – to ensure sustainable community development.